ARTA - Association of Ridge and Tissue Augmentation

Who we are

Istvan Urban Alumni


Our Mentor  and daily inspiration. 

Regenerators and Clinicians interested in Bone Regeneration


Looking for predictable, stable and long term implant treatments.

Studious practicioners


To serve and promote our patient life change.

ARTA Purposes

  • Development, investigation, study and promotion of Regenerative Dental Medicine of hard and soft tissues;
  • Zeal for the evolution, training, and professional improvement of its associate members;
  • Diffusion of knowledge with particular emphasis in the field of oral Regeneration of hard and soft tissues, intertwining the scientific progress with the clinical practice;
  • Organization of scientific activities;

  • Issuance of directives and scientific information;
  • Edition of technical-scientific publications related to the subjects which are part of the object of its purposes, with respect to the legislation applicable and in force; 
  • Promotion, sponsorship and coordination of courses, post graduation studies or other manifestations that may contribute to the boost and deepening of knowledge and clinical practice in the area of regenerative dental medicine;
  • Creation and boost of work groups for the study and resolution of particular problems concerning tissue regeneration;

  • Participation and having representation in national and international congresses or other manifestations, where issues related to the regenerative dental medicine of hard and soft tissues may be discussed;
  • Adhesion and establishment of agreements, partnerships or protocols with national or international third party entities, with the possibility of integrating those same entities as a means of achieving its purposes.


Knowledge. Respect for Biology.

Find answers to several issues that concern clinicians that are looking for Excellency in long term implantology and oral rehabilitation.

Sharing clinical experiences. Multicentric studies.

When the clinician ego is put aside, ideas, concerns, questions arise all the time. 

The clinician's mind turns on all the creativity locked inside.


The answers are Out there! 

Be persistent and always try to be better.



Board of Directors

Liliana Silva - President

Nuno Pereira - Vice-President

Francisco Delille - General Secretary

Mário Preto - Treasurer

Officer - Paulo Freitas

General Assembly

Ricardo Henriques - President

Michelle Barbosa - Secretary

Liliana Fonseca - Secretary

Supervisory Board

Jaime Capela - President

Luis Bacalhau - 1st Officer

Rui Salgado - 2nd Officer

Membership information

12% Discount in ALL Quintessence books and journals.


By joining ARTA, you will have a generous discount on print and online journals as well as books published by Quintessence.

Regeneration Study Club


Invitation to participate in an active Study Club dedicated to the most recent information in hard and soft tissue regeneration field.



Priority registration and discount on registration fees to the ARTA Meetings.

Inclusion of your practice adress in the ARTA´s online "search for a regeneration dentist" for increase patient referrals.


ARTA - Association of Ridge and Tissue Augmentation - Legal Constitution


ARTA Founder Members.

1st Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium


Presence of ARTA in Budapeste at the 1st Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium. Magnificent event with the TOP  best speakers of hard and soft tissue regeneration. Better is almost impossible to achieve!

26th Portuguese Dental Association Annual Meeting


ARTA was represented in PDA Annual Meeting 2017, Lisbon, Portugal. 

Partnership protocol between ARTA and AETICE


ARTA signed a protocol of collaboration for their members with AETICE. AETICE is a association of companies of information technologies, communication and Electronics. Some nice projects will appear between these associations.



We are preparing the 1st Istvan Urban Alumni & Friends| Portugal ARTA  Meeting, starting in Portugal.

Please join us on this  knowledge sharing.


1st Istvan Urban Alumni & Friends International Symposium

Portugal ARTA Meeting 25-26-27 October 2018

ARTA Regeneration courses


Join us and become an ARTA member

100,00 €

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Annual Membership Fee

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